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Our current Diploma will be finishing this Summer 2008, and plans are underway for the next course to commence this Autumn.

An Turus have accredited their Certificate in Wilderness Therapy, and are currently completing the Self and Peer assessment process.

Metropolitan Police Service have sponsored Diversity Specialists to attain the IDHP Certificate in Facilitation which was delivered through the KARIS consultancy.


Diploma In Humanistic Psychology

Leadership - Facilitation - Coaching

Course Content

The programme will be chosen from the following areas, which will run concurrently with varying emphasis at different stages of the course. It is an essential part of the learning that these strands are integrated as part of a holistic process. A proportion of the weekends will be run by outside facilitators who are expert in their field.

Leadership Skills and Processes

Team building; negotiating and influencing; resolving conflict; motivating self and others; working with difference; lead management; effective delegation; decision making and problem solving; situational leadership; skills and abilities of good leaders; building trust; confronting skills.

Personal Development

Theoretical overview of personal development; dream work; adventure and wilderness therapy; FIRO Human Element; gestalt; circus skills; psychodrama; psychosynthesis and transpersonal approaches; visioning; bodywork; sexuality; creative expression and movement.

Interpersonal And Group Development

Trust-building, Boundary management, Group norms, roles and functions, Encounter, Group Dynamics, Transactional Analysis, Assertiveness Training, Ceremony and ritual, Process consultation, Primal dynamics, Transference and counter-transference, Team building, Conflict resolution, Negotiating and influencing skills, Decision making and Problem solving. Home groups will be formed for ongoing support and will meet between modules.

Facilitator Training

Facilitator presence and maintenance; task and process facilitation; John Heron’s ‘Six Dimensions of Facilitation’; group dynamics, group norms and roles; relationship skills; transference and counter-transference; consultancy skills; learning styles; boundary management; facilitation as a management approach; course and workshop design; ethics and values.

Coaching Models and Techniques

Co-coaching; session management; contracting; goal setting; coaching in different settings; communication skills; how to give and receive feedback; assertiveness; performance management; life skills; work-life balance; dealing with difficult people; power and empowerment; GROW model; choice theory and reality therapy.

The course is committed to maintaining an awareness of issues relating to diversity and social inclusion.

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