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Short Courses

Facilitation Skills 5 days

Providing an in-depth grounding across the range of group facilitation and coaching skills and principles. We build on the models of John Heron, and the developmental work of Mike Eales and Anouk Graav, to present a comprehensive map of facilitator options. We also explore the relationship between performance and emotional process. Offer clear models to work from, with many opportunities to experience, reflect and practice.

Handling Resistance 2 days

Groups often find themselves expressing negative dynamics and behaviour that facilitators find challenging. We will explore working with resistance - looking at how to create working alliances whilst hold awareness of facilitator-client collusion.

Consultancy Skills 2 days

For those who want to feel more confident intervening in organisations or teams, with an understanding of the deeper process that may be present. We will provide a map from which to make decisions, with appropriate risk-taking or caution. We will also explore the values that underpin your work. The models used will make explicit the ways in which the most common individual defences generate the dynamics of families, teams, and organisations. We will explore different approaches to consultancy, including change management, team development and training. The course will model the stages of the consultancy process from contracting to closure.

Gender Sensitivity 2 days

The Gateway to Diversity. Effecting Diversity through the core concept of gender, challenging assumptions around sexist behaviour in men and women, liberating the individual and the team from gender constraints, generating a more fruitful language between and amongst men and women, developing gender sensitive strategic and personal action plans, and putting diversity and equal opportunities into practice

Coaching and Mentoring 5 days

For those who want to develop their individual style of coaching and mentoring. We will explore the definition and core skills of both. Focussing on how to contract, build trust, manage sessions, use and practice intervention skills including challenging, supporting and managing emotions.

We will examine coaching and mentoring in different professional environments, small team coaching, professional boundaries, support structures for the coach/mentor, and draw from the experience and expertise that you bring.

Beyond Diversity 3 days

To enhance your inner authority, compassion and courage in relation to diversity and equality. Increase your self knowledge. Locate yourself, where you are now and where you would like to be. Consider concepts, models and techniques that enrich your own model of working with diversity and equality. These three days will empower you to take greater responsibility and leadership in your organisation and your life.

Creative Approaches to Individual

And Group Development 2 days

Bringing the latest leading edge techniques to access the untapped resources of your insight and imagination, you will have the opportunity to: learn how to harness your full creative potential through states of relaxation, become aware of how the different parts of your mind can be activated and used for optimum benefits, learn to use the power of images and metaphors to create new kinds of relationships, and apply these skills to everyday work and relationships. This event has been part of an MBA programme

Self and Peer Assessment 3 days

A mandatory module, comprising the rationale and practice of assessment. Using feedback skills with awareness, we will engage rigorously with our peers in order to ensure that a valid accreditation follows. Rich in personal development, this process will build facilitator stamina and resilience.

Enquiring in the Gestalt Way 2 days

Gestalt raises awareness to the energy patterns that both facilitate and interrupt mindfulness. We appreciate from Gestalt how to "be" more and to "do" less and how to inquire into our perceptions and phenomenological reality. Attending to what is organically evolving in the present, and trusting to the wisdom of uncertainty, this workshop will explore the organic and energetic nature of the learning group, while demonstrating how field theory and other modes of holistic inquiry may be used to inquire into individuals and teams, with a view to illuminating their deeper dynamics and needs so that organisations may become better homes for the human spirit. This workshop will provide, theory, experiential exercises to raise awareness, and opportunity to integrate insights from field theory and gestalt psychotherapy to your own organisational consultancy and group facilitation style.

Resolving Conflict & Healing Communities 2 days

This workshop provides an opportunity to:-

Understand and experience processes of conflict resolution in one-to-one, group, team and community settings. Experience and practise a wide range of Gestalt informed consulting techniques through case study and live enactment. Assess and develop your strengths in consultancy while identifying areas for your future development as an organisational consultant. Receive shadow consultancy focused upon your consulting strategies, intentions, values, interventions and conflict resolution style

Within this workshop you will explore through case study and practical simulation how to illuminate an understanding of organisational processes, inclusive of the conscious and unconscious dynamics that cause distress.

The learning group will itself be approached as a mini-organisation and live conflict resolution will be enacted when issues arise which block forward movement and/or threaten the workshop’s peer-learning and community health.


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